How to recognize effect of lust ? Read smart ways to overcome !

If there is some battle in history, then it will be only Ramayan or Mahabharata from the vase season. The desire to wound in the skin and hide and wound hidden under the skin, causes unnecessary loss of body and spiritual life, while keeping the rest of the life dark. The biggest and most harmful effect of the characteristic of Vaasanaa Seed, is disturbing disconnect between subconscious and conscious mind who is easily rejuvenated in replay. In order to avoid the end of spiritual life under this ablution, we are publishing the micro spiritual  identity of the sexual mindset and its consequences on spirituality.

In order to progress through the spiritual life of Lord Dattatreya protocol, the three things i.e. conduct, devotion and satsang, are required at the primary level. In the beginning of the related spiritual nomenclature, when the whispering body of a whirlwind enters the 84 lacs vagina, when the human body comes into the human life, the ablaze havoc of all the past births can boil intensely in human intelligence. There is no awareness of yoga under this. So that we become subjective to lust and become very valued to it. That is why there is no identity of karmas in our life without knowing the facts. When the sin and virtue of all the vagina comes at the same level, the human body is attained. Human nature is strong because of the nature, karma, and body of past life that is repeated in this body. Only one moment is enough for the intellect to become enlightened if this desire is touched by the desire for pleasure.

What is lust ?

The word lust means 'vas + n + aa'. It means 'Vas' means stay home, 'N' means negative energy and 'Aa' is the supreme power of Narayana. That is why the spiritual seekers also go hand in hand with the worldly life in the vapor stream of 'Vesana', under the body, the negative energy of Goddess Paramatma Narayana, creating its own home. Practical path seekers can not detect hidden strategies of vasanaa. Those who know, the seeker can make progress in the same way. When we saw Lord Hari Vitthal idol in Pandharpur, we saw that the hand was placed on the waist. It means that There is only this way till the flow of the water in the ocean. Keeping both hands in your own waist, it is suggested that you know God, lust

It is a fitting principle that " jivaa rebirths with vasanaa beejam ". ovata reincarnation happens only with vapor seed. Livelihood is the result of encroachment of the seed, due to encroachment of life. Human beings have lust venues in specific places. The six-wheeled gendidical Shivlingas of the body are formed in the Vaasanaa Seed, after the darkness of ignorance and darkness in the three places of the Anaahata Chakra (Heart State) and Muladhar Chakra (Good Gate State) respectively. When the ignorance of the darkness is destroyed by the knowledge-based self realisation, the Vaasana seed will be well-known, so that if you get the exact knowledge of Vaasana seed, it does not bother again on its nature. We can experience alert and cautious expression in Dattatma. Such characteristic psychology is enduring and growing progressively.

There are three types of lusts in the body.

  • 1. Lust.... Sexual
  • 2. The subject lust
  • 3. Spiritual lust

1. Lust .... Basic

Work desires and related micro spiritual self-analysis

Lust of this work can be attributed to at least 100 to 1000 times more than the intellectual capacity of the human body. Many mystical principles are unique in the only intelligent human body. Sexism is the most effective downtrodden transit of human habitat. In the vapor stream of life, the life of anthropomorphic or anecdote can occur in hell and along with it, the tyrannical series of karmas also lose the next human birth. To come out of the quiet and humble confusion of such acts, identify the original place of lustful seed in the Swadhishthan chakra in your body. so that we can put our own actions on the right side for good.

2. Subject lust and related subtle introspection

The long-term desire or the overwhelming idea in the mental mentality is the subject matter. All responsibility for this subject is very unstoppable. This is what Berhiman disrupts his life by acting in various temptations. The churnalat of this bahirimana should be brought under the wisdom of the intellect. If you take your belly under the intellect, then you begin to feel the sense of wisdom, and then you will get a tremendous sense of self-esteem. This happiness can not be described in words.

3. Phantom lust and related microscopic introspection

The people of the world do not have the knowledge about that smell. Phantom lust means sexual exploitation or obstruction of the flesh from the external superficial force. In this habit, the members of the household are affected by the effects of phantom spirit lust, as a result of the untimely actions performed by the members of the household. This topic is very much connected to the lives of people today. The consequences are on the mental, physical and spiritual health of members of the family. The body of the dead remains in the back door region. Such corpus lust, which started as a result of sexual absorption at an athlete's level, was subsequently reflected in a corpse or a vicious attack. Relative domestic members should discuss this seriously.

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