Shreepad Shrivallabh Shri Gurucharitra (Gurucharitra) Weekly Reading methods and brief bias

In the daily reading of Maharashtrian seekers, Shri Dnyaneshwari, Shrimat Dasbodh, Sri Shivalilamat, Saptashati, Eknathi Bhagwat, Manache Shloka, Bhagwat and Ramayana are also important places of Shri Gurucharitram. Shri Gurucharitram is a Siddha granth, fifth Veda and Mahaprasada.

It has become the embodiment of Shri Gurucharitram to eliminate devotees obstacles from the devotional path or the Namasmarna and improving the people at their place of self-respect and for making devotees and creating renunciation and fearlessness in their hearts.

If this proven book is read by heart, it is beneficial, if we read it in a weekly way, it will give us quick results. Such a seeker has experience. Practical readers should follow the tactics. This order is meant only for the devoted seekers who are devoted to devotion.

The appearance of Shri Gurucharitram is interactive between the Siddhmuni and the shishyaa , in which there are more than seven thousand seventy-five sentences. This is the best way to achieve the super natural and super spiritual power.

Shri Gurucharitram's method of weekly reading!

Shri Gurucharitram's weekend methodology and brief bias

If we want to read Gurucharitra in seven days, there is a series of chapters in the 53 chapters to read every day. 

9/21/29/35/38/43/53. This is the order of the grantha containing 52 verses. 7/18/28/34/37/42/51

If you want to read Shri Gurucharitra within three days, you should keep a sequence of 24 days on the first day, 37 days on the next day and 53 days on the third day. These sadhakas, who read the entire Guruji character in one day, are the seekers. Do not read chapters of Mrut sanjivani on Thursday while reading granth.

Normally, the start of reading of Shri Gurucharitram will be concluded on Saturday. Because Friday is the day of Nijanandgaman of Lord Shripad Shrivallabh maharaj. Otherwise it will be read anytime after the creation of devotion. There is no need to see anymore, not so much. Whenever you read unconditionally, make sure to do so.

For the introduction of specific resolutions, the weekly ritual of Shri Gurucharitra reading is definitely fruitful. Places of Winters Elections for Weeks. Before the reading, sit in front of Datta idol before facing or north. It should be that Duttmurti is on your left or right side. Along with it, you keep an empty seat on your right side. If you do not have a duttamurti, keep a full-fledged almighty kept on rice (not broken), and appear it in the betel nut.

Leave the resolution before the weekend. Perform seven days of brahmacharya. Fasting in the evening. Possibly read the story. In the night sleeping on the mat near God. Their Messages can be heard when you are sleep on the left body.

At the place of reading, do not get upset in the middle of the seat. Do not talk to other at that time. Weekends should be avoided. Kakadaa aarti in the morning, seven days a week, and in the evening it will be adorned and done in the night. In the Mahapuja of the afternoon.

The reading should be clear ... do not read with the intention of hurling it soon. It is important to look at the principles expressed in the letter alphabet ...!

Shri Gurucharitra brief interest acquisition ....!

It is not always asked or asked by the seekers, for the first time, the question of doing 'Parayan' is not always asked. It is important that we have done such a thing today, it is important that the yoga process has been achieved and it is important ...! This question always falls to me.

Shri Gurucharatha Siddhmantra Granth is the fifth Ved. It is important for all the expected mental and physical re-preparations to be expected to supplement this gravity.

What does the word "parayan" really mean ...?

The word "parayan" is an expression of "self respecting" principle. The meaning of "Parayan" comes from + aura. In this, "A" means "Aa" Swaroop in Narayana. "Para" is the speech of Narayana in our body which is located next to the grace and the corporation is there beyond the voice. "Ayon" means to appeal.

"Parayan means Narayan's appeal is appealing"

It is not straightforward to understand the expression of Shri Gurucharitra's parikrama.

Before surrendering Shri Gurichritra, it should be a priority to understand the meaning of the "Shree Gurucharitra" symbol of the Shadakshari Tarak Mantra. E.g. The existence of the giant tree begins with a seed development. In the same way, the observational study of Shri Gurucharitra Siddhagratha can be corrected first by nominating the shadow!

For the sake of the words "Shri Gurucharitra", that is, Parabramha Yatiraj Shripad Shreevallabh Sadguru Maharaj, destroys my ignorant dark sea of ​​silence and perform my maternal love and devotion.

The "seven" figure in the reading of the week or the records of Maharaj is of great importance. Following the Sadguru disciple tradition, 7 is followed by Dasabhakti. 

If Guruchritra's text becomes intuitive, then spiritual progress is attained and if a person becomes resolved, then the divine glory can be attained.

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