Chant String Micro-spiritual nature of garlands

Spiritual Self-realization is the fastest effective means of knowing and revealing wisdom. Our mantra japmal ....! There is not even enough knowledge about the Japmal today. There is no ability to recognize the power of the japmala...! and All types of japmalas have not yet reached the people. I am mentioning some of the selective tools used in my daily spiritual practice. So if any seeker is using mantra for his name, then he may have the same self-realization.

What is a garland (Japmala )?

The word Mala is one of the chapter of Vedanta. In the meanwhile, here the means of Ma means "Mahaling" and "Aal" means getting overlapped. If you are aware of the well-being of the devotees in the form of a resolute surrender ritual or unselfish naming ceremony, your performance or spiritual progress can be settled as soon as possible. Our soul is involved in all the spiritual virtues which have been enchanted by the desire for knowledge. Self-helpers can reach your point to God. Other confused mind hangs around and misery is suffering.

Chanting Statement and Ground Floor Type

While applying, fingerprint and thumb in your chanting mantra must not touch japa mala on ground. 108 After being caterpillated, turn the back of the flow from Sumeru Mani in reverse. Do not cross Sumerumani. Keeping in mind not to touch the rosary ground and not to touch other people. To attain your self-esteem, use the collective spiritual Ubuntu in the house. Where as 2000+ seekers regularly chant Kalbhairavay Namah and Shri Swami Samartha tarak mantra simultaneously. In the meantime, everyone would get the blessings of chanting thousands of moles in just a few minutes.

There are 108 beads that are self-sufficient. Humans usually breaths 21,600 times in one day. 50% of its gets utilised for sleeping time. The remaining 10,800 breaths uses for in day time. The jap chanting taken on the heart is like a hundred names, it is a scripture. If the human beings are preserved in a house with real intensity, then he is considered to have done 10,800 chant on that day. 108 is also indicative of the unity of the Rigveda. It takes self-examination to get 27 nakshatras and 4 inner bodies and 27x4 is going to 108 mantras.

Homestead Type

1. Rudraksh Mala

Genuine chanting of Rudraksh Mala whether it is true or false ; depends on honesty and transparent behaviour of Lord Shiv devotee. Rudraksha is mainly principled on inner values of worshipper even if jap mala remains real or fake. Material status doesnt change upcoming micro-spiritual graph. In order to have on going spiritual graph on up side ; devotee must stay on Shiv tatvaa...!

2. Tulsi Mala

The Tulsi material is the highest symbol of the body dedicated to God. Please keep the practice clean while using this apparel. Touching the palate, keeping your mind, body and covenant fixed.

3. Asphaltic Mala

For the school, give it to the school. This Mal is dedicated to Mother Saraswati. Do not wear this necklace and do not lie to it. Code of Conduct must reamin sattvik.

4. Red chandan mala

For the sake of yoga This Mala is dedicated to Goddess Kalika Mother. In this way, the physical enjoyment should not be included in it..

Molecular and Cosmic Knowledge of the Japmal

From the asphalt technology to the Shabri mantra, Japaamala has an important significance. The manner in which the stereotype is described according to the above information, according to the place. Similarly, Suksham jappamal is also beneficial in spiritual meditation. But it has not been promoted anywhere. Some specific information about this is to emphasize your knowledge.

The micro spiritual mala is in two ways.

  • 1. Hand way chanting
  • 2. Matrukaa beejam chanting

1. Hand ways chanting

To make the combination of 'Aa' power in Lord Narayana, in your body, Hand way chanting is rotated for the body, prana, apana, agarana, uniform and wani rudravayu. This material can only be used by sages only. 

2. Matrukaa beejam chanting

For improving Yogashakti through a Sadguru Anuragha to purify the anuspicious seeds of Lord Shiva in your body, this garnet is used for 108 chanting purposes.

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