Famous Yoga meditation of Nathpath Navnath Sadhana - 3 (Nathpanthi Meditation - 3)

In our body, the six Chakra (Muladhar Chakra to the Agya Chakra) are located as the spiritual energy centers. It requires deep devotion and strict master discipline to awaken these energy centers. There are 72,000 pulses in our, body, in which Edda, Pingala and Sushumna are the most important pulses. Edda and pingla pulses runs through our body with Ajapa Hansatmak Soham chant ; subcounciasly drives the nature. Sushumna pulse runs through spinal universal cosmic infinite divine power.

In the nathpanth, All nine nath yogi's on the basis of advanced hathyog level attained Sadhguru grace. Firstly, as per Sadguru advice involved life respectively in the purification of the body through the 12 years of the compound self realization and namsaadhan- initiated from sthula body then sukshma body, because the body was referred to the global body. Followed mind purification, cleansing subcouncious spiritual intelligence, pulses cleaning through pranayam sadhana and at the end six chakra purification is done respectively. 

The all nathyogi walked in obedience to his sadguru gratitude right from the beginning of  the start state-retention-Samadhi; was the foundation for the basics. Dedicated initial 12 years to achive superior sahaj samadhi enlightenment.

Many sampraday or pitham are involved in Datta Sampraday. A special discipline and deep devotion of Nathpatha will lead to a wonderful performance in spiritual life. All self-indulgences are implemented on the principle of honesty and integrity. There is no any expressions of beyond words to express the functioning and principles of real Nathpatha.

Meditation for all

The following meditation is somewhat simpler and easier than the ones 1 and 2. However, it is mandatory to remain a pure vegetarian through mind and body. It makes you feel lighter in the initial level.

Important note -

Explaining third yog meditiational practice of all three , Readers and seekers should follow the process just for self-defense. If you have any questions please contact directly.

Meditation Rituals and Perceptions -

Wake up early in the morning. Tide up If you want to follow initial reutine, you can take tea tea and drink it. Then sit on your bed easily with or without back-support and relax your body.

Take away your concentration and think strongly that " there is no other than the Self". At the same time, make a representation of the coconut of your body. Imagine that you are a self-proclaimed coconut.

You will start to recognize the presence of this coconut material within body. As a coconut bowl remains full of coconut water inside in it ; just like that our body is also saturated with all fluid impurities & just like coconut walls are sticked to its inner layers as same of it ; our mental presence is also attached to our material body from inside. Ad time and death comes closer ; its eating you from inside.  

Try to separate nicely-inner coconut wall, which is closely related to the mortal body. There is a need for daily namsmaran support. Be strong, that all the mentality is concentrated (heart) at one place. Try to absorb self realization inner spirit at the bottom of our heart.

Just as the coconut dry, it does not stick to coconut wall from inside again. It is independent. It's free. Similarly, even though I am in a fleshly body, I am separated from the worldly life. Inner intentions are surrendered to the Sadguru and Maharaj will never give me back the body of the infinite lust and desire.

Before coming out of this meditation, first focus on your breath. Then, thankful to Sadguru Maharaj for his blessings. Rush over both hands and ears, touching the eyes and forehead with the energy produced. Then open the eyes slowly.

First of all, take this meditation for 20 minutes. Gradually slow practice. If you have any questions, please contact directly.

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