Swastik Tratak Vidya - For seekers suffering from economic poverty ...!

Mental, physical, social and spiritual harm can be easily taken, but there is no financial sympathy. In order to get good lifestyle for two-time meal, the body is worn out in daily activities. Some people get financial satisfaction, but most of the people fail to make it due to wrong decisions in their confused state, due to which the work done in the hand is not complete, so that the Swastik tratak can perform a very valuable job at the time of sadhana.

Swastika is an unique symbol of Indian culture. At the beginning of any function, we call it a self-righteous ...! There is a tradition of positive execution at the beginning of the work to reach projected goal. Mahakavi of spiritual accompaniment begins with the introduction of a book called Mangalacharan. It is not possible for the common man to design such a stanza. So the sage gave him a sign and that is Swastika ...! Swastika symbols are self-motivated in the form of swastik tratak for fulfilling any economic activity in the form of invocation.

The word swastika is composed of 'su + as' metal. 'Su' means good welfare and 'as' means power and existence. "Swasthi" means the power of Lakshmi Mantra, Kalyana and their symbol is Swastika. Wherever Shree is, grace is there, harmony; Love, glamor, life's generosity and communal harmony, there is a sense of self-consciousness existed. It is through personal feeling that human development and the overall development of the universe has accumulated. Laxmi Mata's experience with the swastika tratak can be easily attainable. Swastika is the first religious icon created by an ancient human. The symbol of the wish of many gods of ancient times, the power of many Gods and the auspicious wish of the human beings, Swastika ...!

Micro-introspection of the swastika sign

A vertical line and the other horizontal line of the same length on it is the basic figure of the swastika. The vertical line is the Shiv Jyotirling philosophy. Jyothirlinga is the root cause of universe's creation. The horizontal line shows the expansion of the universe. The basic swastika has a sense that God created the universe and that God has expanded it by spending his own power. The only unique and unique universe that extends into the universe, clearly explains the vertical and horizontal lines of the Swastika. It is found in the worship of Christian people today as the original Swastika, the holy cross. That is why the birth of Holy Cross was created by Swastika Mangalyaam of Hindu Dharma. The creation of the swastika has been visible for thousands of years before the Cross of Christ.

The four arms of the Swastika are Lord Vishnu's four arms. Lord Vishnu adheres to four directions with his four hands. All the hands of God are supporting me, as well as four directions, calling me the horoscope of my workspace. It is written in our bracket that " Swastik: Sarvato Bhadra " is the price of the Swastika, that is, all the welfare of the server. Not only do all the people want to become a mangal, they are motivated by using swastika tratak and by applying them with the help of principles. God is with me in the vertical line of the Swastika, and the horizontal line means that you are engrossed in the reality of God.

Through the medium of spirituality, the combination of body and time can be seen in the swastika. The middle term of the Swastika is a matching point of body. Body and times are the relative principles. To reach out to the Creator, the human race does not bind the boundaries of time. Anand is the real joy of the body, which is easy for a person to feel at the moment of time. Swastik is a sign of surgeon, because the middle point of the Swastika is Lord Vishnu's birthplace of Nabhim Kamal and Brahma. Shri Vidyalakshamnya Mangalya Goodwill is hidden behind Swastika. A swift witness is taken to match the marriage suit. Prosperity and prosperity have been shown by this. In Chaturmas, swastika vows are done by fortunate women, because all the prosperous yoga matches.

There is a practice to remove swastika in the threshold at the door of the house. It will be easy to appeal to Lucky's good luck! There is such a wonderful wish. 

It is very easy to appeal to Vishnupati Lakshmi if such swastika trait is being done in Yoga mode. To solve the problems of household work, all the principles should be adopted with understanding. So that we can overcome selfishness and prosperity will be achieved.

The person who is involved in economic thought should do this sadhana. For more information regarding related tools, contact Datta Prabhodini Seva Trust Institute. It can easily be linked to young or mature adults with the help of a four-pronged husband (religion, meaning, work, salvation).

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