Bhagwati Mahakali (Goddess Mahakali) Sadhana Sumeru Element Analysis and Shakti Upasanaa - 1

The spiritual observations of the four pillars of an infinite Shakti Pillars produced by the Goddess Adashakti Durgaa can be seen at all the mysterious level in the form of Shakti worshipping in Indian culture. This Shakti worshipping is celebrated nine times throughout a years as a Navratri festival. Shardhiya Navaratri is considered as the head of the other eight navratri. Through this, Dataprabodhinee Seva Trust is publishing important Yoga Attributes for initial form about how to prepare for the desired mental stability.

If there is a long-awaited desire to explore the spiritual place, intimate, subtle and cosmological cause in Indian culture, then the concerned seeker must do self-contemplation of Bhagwati Mata Mahakali following principles of Lord Shri Kalbhairav ​​Adhishtaan. How can we live a life of calm, devotion and sanctity through this meditation? It can be valued. Mahakali Mata is a very formidable manifestation of the evil, peaceful, straight-hearted, self-restraint, devotee, nutritionist and Mangalamai Adishakti for the yogis of Lord Shiva. Though these forms are destroying the spoil, it is also sweet from God Almighty for the servants of the Sadguru.

The following four pillars of the Adishakti Goddess Durgaa come under the jurisdiction of the Yogi and Siddha Mahatmas are as follows.

  • 1. Navadurga
  • 2. Three and a half Pitham
  • 3. Dashmahavidyaa
  • 4. Sixtyfour Yogini Mother

Today, the number of genuine seekers practicing spiritual power of Gooddess Kali in the society are rarely seen. In past ; Seekers talking to Kalika Mata came in contact with me and participated in spiritual conversations that are most common. Had a long conversation on spiritual metaphors of spiritual practice and intimate self-esteem. But if the seeker is not able to achieve the essence of Adishakti, according to the rule of the ascetic based on Bhairav Principles, it is not possible for the godmother to do so. On the contrary, due to lack of goodwill of the seeker, he gets impatient due to his spiritual blindness.

We are proposing how to worship Bhagwati through the medium of unity so that there is no untoward spirit on the path of slavery. There is a invisible gap between the sky and the ground level reality and the relation between being the source of any sadhana, and the relation to the actual practice. This gap should be reduced in the initial form. To minimize this gap, you will not forget that the Sumeru bond or the Sadhguru who is overflowing with the sky and joins the divine and the soul. Any power seeker on the back of the world can not make progress even in any cult, in any cult, without the grace of Sadguru Maharaj. This is a permanent line on the black stone.

Bhagavati Mahakali accepts only the place where Bhagwan Shiva stays, She reveals her all power ; where Lord Shiva is present in self-reliant elements. She does not accept any other body. Only Lord Shiva, in which the place of Lord Shiva, in the state of Samadhi, is bound by following the changing theories of Jivabharas, which are due to grace of the feet of Sadguru. 

Shaktipat, awakening of Kundalini Shakti, awareness of chakra and all other beliefs are just myths about the worldly and silent people. Bhagwati Mata never born in the market. On the other hand, we have seen many instances that forcefully awakening of Goddess shakti leads to mental imbalance, disorientation or sometime death too. Adishakti is controlled only by Lord Shiva. Eliminate other misunderstandings, you should not lose your life by getting intimidated in the subject of superconsciousness like Shaktipata, Kundalini. Lord Dattatreya sadguru Maharaj may forgive for doing unethical spiritual practice if requested deeply, but Bhagwati Shakti Mandal is a ruthless and grateful ruler. There is no difference between the wise, the ignorant and the devotee. The person who fails has to undergo punishment. On the basis of all these seriousness, we should not look after topics such as power and strength. Otherwise it will be ensured that our metal, physical, financial, social and, spiritual metabolism may collapse. After the time  passed, there is no sense of sitting in the wailing.

what will be expected of him and how will he come closer to us? And how can the hand of goodness arise on us? Demonstrations are done in this regard. Similarly, how should worship Adishakti ? In such a way, we will publish more and more analytical information about how we can get the blessings of Goddess Mahakali.

Generally, there are nine navratras in one year. year of 365 days, each has a power board of 40 days. There are nine Navratri celebrations of one Shakti Mandal of Navratri. All these shakti sadhna goes on for 12 months of a year.

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