Sun Tratak - Rare and Mysterious Tratak Vidya.

Sun trataka is a highly significant trataka practice in all trataka segments. For tremendous spiritual growth of soul enhancement ; Sun tratak practice is very important.

As per kriya yog studies, trataka practitioner can visit or visualize metaphysical world ( Beyond materialistic or physical limit ) Continuing regular practice with purity. Here meaning of metaphysical world is related to fourteen mysterious worlds that cannot be seen by normal eyes. It includes seven upword subcouncious worlds as bhu-lok,... All this upward metaphysical worlds are occupied in one another and internally placed in depth. Out of all this world Satya-lok is the place of divine soul located.

Next to bhu-loka, It includes seven downward subconcious worlds as a maha-tal,.... etc. All this downward metaphysical world are occupied in one another and externally placed on patal floor. Out of this patal lok is the first external subcouncious metaphysical world. This is the laocation of divine soul in Adho - saptalokaa, classification of Patal lok includes Vaikunth, Rudralok and different segments of Bharat khandas. In south direction of Bhu loka, Narak lok (Hell) is located. Narak loka ( Hell ) includes total no. of 21 kotis occupied internally on one another. Rest Mahatal to Tala tal is the place for living Nagdevtaa, different types of demons and anaga lok jivaa etc.

Trataka practitioner can visit or visualise all above explained places with the help of regulare practice from our re- configured subcouncious mind within our body, beyond materialistic physical limit. In God-panchayatanaa, Lord Sun is one of the visual universal soul helps for impowering subcouncuois level of spiritual sadhakaa. Sun trataka is time - binded spiritual practice with proper protocol implementation required for expected results.

Having eye sight problem or willing to increase eye sight power for goodwill, then Sun trataka can be very useful. Sun trataka is a great yog sadhanaa. It increases mind power like a laser beam and soul enhancement throughoutly.

Sun Tratak for beginner

Initial level practice of sun trataka, experts supervision and guidelines are must. For Pre trataka preparation, we are providing trataka related  Sun Atharvashirsh Sholka on Request. Chant it once in morning time before sunrise on daily basis for atleast initial 45 days. After completing 45 days of chanting shlokaa, practitioners can initiate basic sun trataka practicals under experts supervision.

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