How to follow Navnath Bhaktisar Parvayan? Cosmic Strength Analysis ...!

Devotee's devotion must be unlimited,and unconditional. If you read the heart of Sri Navnath Granth with the other spiritual texts like Shri Guruchritra, Shree Dnyaneshwari, Shri Dasbodh, Shri Durga Saptashati, then it gives wonderful and strange experience to Nath Maharaj.

Kaviraj Dhundisut Malu Narhar wrote in 1819 the book 'Sri Navnath Bhaktisar'. There are 40 chapters and 7600 characters in this scripture. Nath yogies such as Machhindranath, Gorakhnath, Jalandhar, Kanifnath, Charpatnath, Adbangnath, Bharatrinath, Revannath and Choranginath are the nine narayanaa of devotional worship. Nath Maharaj benefited to the society on the basis of unbiased devotion, penance, Dharmacharan, Sadgurunishta, Vairagya, Pragmatism and Datta Charit rajaa etc.

What is Granth ? What is the relation between the Granth of Nath and Brahma Granthi ?

Most of the seekers try to make sure that all the efforts are made to get things done properly. But we forget about micro spiritual things while we are doing it. There is no spiritual self-realization experience if we do not do anything in genuine protocol. There is only a mental solution which is not a self-realization. 

Parayan, granth, granthi, introversion, chittayama, micro spiritual and altruistic are all remais connected with the soul during the period of sadhanaa. As long as you do not come to the level of the group, any reading is of no avail. The priceless moments of our life are not given the basis of pure ignorance, hence the granth gives selected information about conduct. So try to remain unconditional with yog sadhana.

The text of the word "Granth" is the grouping of G + r + anthology. The word 'Granth' is derived from the word "G " 'Adipujyam ganadhyaksham' which means 'Shri Ganapati', 'R Bija', is the expression of Lord Shiva or Rudra and "atha" means prakruti of adishakti. Considering the significance of the granth 'Brahma', involving in form of a Chitta layaa and understand the meaning of Shiv Charan or Sadhguru. In that case, the great masters explained the intuitive principle of the granth....  "This is the Guru."

The texts and the glands are a very complex element. Typically trying to write facts The existence of the gland according to the above-mentioned text of the granth is considered to be in the heart of a seeker. That is why the Brahma granthi, Vishnu granthi and Rudra granthi are self-described respectively. The book is read at two levels while doing the parayan:

  • 1. Parayan Path for physical reason
  • 2. Parayan Path for spiritual progress

1. Parayan Path for physical reason

Wisdom sounds have to be used when the seekers are physically disturbed. Vaikhari sound means the speech which can be easily heard. This is why the vibrations of your surroundings and the negativity of your home are destroyed. You have to do the related sadhanaa from the point of view for expected results. This relies on the severity of the associated negative energy intensity. All other rituals are the same. There is no special reshuffle in it.

2. Parayan Path for spiritual progress

Nath has put special efforts on this self-interest. The sadhakas who have achieved the virtues of sadguru, destruction of sin and destruction of darkness, ignorance, brahmagnus, masterpieces, knowledge of the extravagant existence of the other world, and the journey of life, and the awakening of life, listening to Lord Shiv. In order to gain control of the future through intellectualism, and to get rid of ghosts, present and futures, there is a need for one stroke surrender.

Originally, the word 'para'yan' is an spiritual word. To take care of is to become introspective for spiritual progress. If the intersection of the texts is made by digestion through self-control, then the knowledge of the granthis will give us a Mastery . For this, all the dancers should keep their virtues holy and behavior best.

What is Nath?

Nath's word was influenced by spiritual metals. Natha means to get rid of the physical fever and to get rid of Divine happiness as well. Therefore, it is the treasure, which is the source of wealth, blessings and well-being. The general meaning of the word Nath is Lord Swaminarayan, Lord Master, Sadguru Maharaj. At the same time, there is no + end, which means nothing. No elements. If someone is beyond this male type and body of the sperm, then it is a nath.

Do I have a lot of persuasive tools or worship for economic problems? Asking for this would have been the discrepancy. For this, the second chapter of Navnath Grantha will be read as to remove economic concerns. Just keep mentoring mental notes. Read the 28th chapter of Navnath Grantha to match the early marriage of the children. Keep in mind all the rules and practices.

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