Easy Meditation - 1

It is impossible to devote some worship, meditation and yoga to most seekers in day-to-day planning due to life struggle. It is easily possible to experience the power of divine power.

I am revealing that with good faith and devotion ; these Sadhanaa, the seekers will be happy to increase their divine fortune. Sadhanaa is easy and easy to make.

Important note 

It is very good to remember your Sadguru Maharaj during the related sadhanaa holding ...! In the mind but do not keep doubts. It is easily hopeful that publication of spiritual practice will be done under the guidance of Maharaj through our daily life and through our surrender. It is important to keep your temperament genuine during sadhanaa ... !!!

Sr. No. - 1 "Retention"

This sadhanaa can be started at any time. Normally 1 to 15, the new moon to full moon, the best time to decide. The seekers of this Sadhanaa should try only for the first 15 days. If there is a sense of self realisation, there is no problem to continue.

It should be kept in mind that on the first day, I will not have any resolution for fifteen days from today, nothing will happen. My life is under God. I will not be able to go out of the way it will be done.

I am free from all my anxieties, fears. Do not miss the past. Will not worry about tomorrow. They are all under the Divine. No further ambitions for the performance and fulfillment of my wishes. As god is making my life, it will be my life's fruit. Think of it that night and day should surprise.

That does not mean you do not get dormant. You keep doing your work, efforts and deeds. But do not try to do the work intentionaly and the effort to be God's inspiration or resolution.

Its name is destroyed by the great suppression of life in such a state of "Karmayevadhikaraste aastu". What will happen when you put your life in front of God ...? Take a look at the experience ...!

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