Spiritual importance of God's place in our house and threshold of Home entry door

Being responsible ; Buying a Pure vastu is completely depends on our knowledge but To make our vastu holy and vibrant is fully related to God's place or house in our home. 

Once you clarify All major components of Gods place location, direction with structural proposition ; Thing starts changing as a touch wood with vastu blessings. With respect to God place and threshold of vastu ; Dattaprabodhinee Seva Trust provids step by step functional accessibility footsteps for balance of external and internal energy flow of our house ; sustaining long term happiness.

Any Vastu architectural heatmap integration always depends on human spiritual body reflections. As per human body ; Soul is located in the middle path of our heart. In same way our vastu ; it can be home, office or any working station is closely associated to God's location in our home. God place is the heart of living Vastu and its emitting positive waves or frequencies are soul erra to that vastu . As we perform real and holy spiritual practice infront of our God's place ; subsequently it leads to ' Pran - Pratishtapana '. Once we start executing our daily meditative chants and reading spiritual practices in our Home God Premises ; within few weeks, you will start looking deity living atmospheric happiness realising through the symptoms of light weighted feelings in our mental, physical and spiritual activity ( Body ). 

As like in house family members ; we see less or more controversial subjests within. In the same way following controversial phenomena happens in God world too. If god's place in our home is not purely and properly created or structured. It gives negative effect on mental, physical, financial, social and spiritual existences of family members. Sometimes house gets cursed due to bad law of karma too ; depends on saturation of negative spirits involved in house premises.

How to build expected five god Adhistan in our house ?

Centered principle of god's place in house is ' God's Summit '. It can be defined ad a  Nidhan Kumbha of vastu exactly located on Vastu Purush back side with universal constant energy flow. Universal energy flow behaves in nutral dimensions. Its our vastu kumbh which menifests results. The positive results are given by Nidhan Kumbh and negative results in huanted vastu. 

Once you starts doing meaningful Namsmaran on ' Gods Summit ' it creates Nidhan Kumbh. Shubh Pravesh in new vastu must be initiated with kumbha sthapana.

Step 1 : Holy blessed filled water and spiritually enhanced kumbh cleans all impurities situated in related vastu throughoutly.  

Step 2 : Once impurities are cleaned with kumbha ; establishment of Shree Phal gives holy vibrant atmospgeric waves for overall development of devotee in order to healthier and happy dedicated spiritual life. Subsequently with the help of Sadguru Kripa and gratitude ; Devotee wins will power of vastu. 

Spirits of Vastu Purush and Land Protecters are closely related to Shri vidya Kalash or Nidhan Kumbh. With proper clarification of deity access to human orientation in daily life activeties ; Sadguru Sadhak can energies its overall soulistic existence. For positive throughout holy vibrations you must have gratitude to Lotus Feet of Dattatreya Swami Maharaj. It will clear all your illusions and put next step towards enlightenment.

Threshold of House Entry

Creation of threshold on main entry door was involved from Ancient civilization vastu principles. Having a threshold on main gate is equally highly important in terms of role of Guards. Threshold Controls in and out energy access from its borderline keeping internal house vibrations clean and steady. 

Unwanted or undefined spiritual spirits gets blocked at the entry line of House due to threshold created at beginning. It works like anti - virus or protecter of wealthy vastu vibrant climate from outside negative energy flow.

Role of threshold is very definite and particular. It works in specific ways to protect inhouse family members from external negative spiritual access. Along with that also keep our vastu safe and holy pure as it is. Thats why in Dattaprabodhinee Seva Trust ; we teach our Sadhaka for performing some deep intensive spiritual practices for building active threshold.

As per worshipping Lord Sadguru maharaj in both Saguna and Nirguna forms. You should start doing worship threahold of house in saguna atleast. On everyday basis you must put small flame lamp at the entry of house consistently on right side of person who enters in house. it will protect your house from external unwanted negative spirits. Must try with total faith and heartly involvement.

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