Pitra dosha sensitivity and daily life consequences...!

With respect to spirituality beyond modern science, 50% of the problems in our lives are due to spiritual reasons only, and 30% of the problems are due to the spiritual / mental / physical factors. And 20% are due to mental / physical reasons.

The basic spiritual cause of the grief in your life is the consequence of the inevitability of the dead ancestors and their family lineage (family).

The harmful effects of paternal disease are as follows.

Pitrudosha have caused many problems in our worldly life and spiritual worship. Occasionally, it seems that the time is dark for the whole family. Even though no matter how many measures you take it, there is no satisfactory circumstance, but you have to spend a lot of money and time again.

Symptoms of pitrudosham in daily life :

1. Marriage does not happen.

Marriage is based on the grace of two families. Due to the faults of the ancestors ; gods are not usually remain satisfactory. Unnecessary obstacles can arise even when if everything goes well.

2. Marriage life unrest

In some cases, post-marriage disputes were noticed. It can have mental, physical, economic, social, or spiritual reasons. Following the ancestors, the reasons for marital unrest are linked to architecture ( Vaastu ).

3. Getting over addicted. (average 70% occurs due to addiction )

This spirits are located in the bathroom, toilet and in cooking room. We can not deny their existence. There are also live  stressful situations in the house and contaminate atmosphere. 

4. Loss of memory of children.

Children and infants are from childhood. There may be other reasons for not giving up on intellectual and memory timely.

5. The job does not last.

Five types of stability in life are important. One of them is the economic side. It is important for the devotees to surrender to attain spiritual stability and faultless divine support ...!

6. Problems with pregnancy

Just as the ancestors reside in your house. In the same way, Spirits have an immovable place in our stomach. It is important to get the right treatment timely following the blame.

7. Abortion

All this spirits are existed in thousands in numbers. The effects of unbearable pain of them occurring on the physical generation. 

There may be other reasons for miscarriage. On the spiritual level, the male domestication of ancestors is the cause of fetus.

8. Children with mental or physical disabilities

This spirits do possess too. Saturated pitrudosha results new born children with mental and /or physical disabilities.

9. Children die prematurely.

If you have a very sensitive issue of famine, discuss it directly. 

The problem of miscarriage and child dysfunction of the child is related to paternal sex. Also children takers spirits can be the reason too.

At the intellectual level, we can use the two common rules to determine the anguish that is related to grief that is addicted to others.

The rules are as follows

  • 1. The solution to all the modern science fails to solve the problem. E.g. Chest pain Ti ...
  • 2. The same problem with many members of the family together

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