How to distinguish between real faith and faith in superstition?

The need for additional functionality of man to push the race of the world; But where does blind faith take such a step, where does that end? Man's mature study does not make it before action. That's why the discontent and humiliation remain in the hands. If you are concerned about such consequences, then the difference between faith and blind faith can be solved in a moment. So that the situation is matured and the ending sweet.

What is a complete identity of a weak and ignorant mentality?

Living in a hypothetical world should be considered as a weak mentality. From the birth of a man's life, his life graph is full of various mental, physical, economic, social and spiritual variations. These five levels are linked to one another through emotional and knowledge sensitivity. Whenever we are in the role of fictitious or illusionist, there is never a change in the nature of our mentality. On the other hand, time, energy and money wastes and rises in more and more potholes. This superstition is the backbone of social blind faith. That must be broken in the right time. Otherwise the apocalypse is definitely.

In order to recognize the difference between the age-old beliefs and superstitions in spiritual life, a person should accept real life. There is never any connection between animal or subtle biological content with human life. Eg... Cat is crossing my path, the dog crying due to unluck, the crow drops shit as a sin and so on. To mourn it, be a symbol of ignorance and foolishness. All of these delusional forms of man have to be wandered. Do not get caught in it. With this ... Baba, Buwa, Bhagatgiri and Goddess coming in the body are also blind temptations following real life. Do not get caught in this too. Will you ever make all-round progress after entering this ignorant circle? This question should be made by yourself.

Seek spiritual experience and progress, but it must be based on vision and practicality. Only "spirituality" should be recognized by the fact that our body is considered as a instrument. This is the right medium to get recognized. Can a healthy spiritual life lead to superstition if medium is good? Will you get the expected Divine Support from the mind? Can we reach the flaw of the future, where the master is waiting for us? Such questions should be made by yourself. Therefore, you should think about how to strengthen your spiritual life by not accepting any medium in the Swaminarayan medium.

What is the perfect identity of mature and owner mentality?

It is a complex mentality of man, always "continuing to remain in the company of the Sadguru". It also refers to such a man as "Shtitpradnya." It means that, being patient with any kind of situation, whether it is happiness or misery, knowledge or ignorance, it is the same as "Swami Mentality" which is based on the principle of Lord Datta Aadhisthan. Consistent with the content of the physical life, means "disgrace and stigma" with offensive code of behaviour admired, "If you can make your introversion. It is not necessary to go towards any spiritual agent. But it is possible to conduct a serious self study and philosophy ... So that sadguru soulistic tuning remains throughout our life & beyond physical limit ... this is my own experience.

What is the difference between faith and superstition?

Dattaprodhinee Yoga is a positive natural way of going through a change in the human life related to spirituality, but it requires to work very hard in the beginning ... there is no substitute for this. That is to say that the very bitter medicine of the patient will be swallowed by extreme hardship ... The medicine which gives the moksha, he will experience exhaustion in initial phase. In those times, we have to bear the screams of patients but we know the effect. Which gives timely recognition to the owner.

The difference between faith and superstition is as follows ...

  • 1. Superstition extrovert; spiritual faith is internal
  • 2. Superstition on materialism,  conviction of self realisation
  • 3. Superstitions on ignorance, spiritual beliefs on practical knowledge
  • 4. Superstition mourns mourning, Shardha unconditionally is happy
  • 5. Superstition blind faith, spirituality practical
  • 6. Superstition is mirage and reverence is real
  • 7. The superstition endures sadness and faith ends beyond physical limit.

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