How to appeal to Lord Ganesha through Atharvshirsham (Ganapati Atharvshirsh)

Knowledge of Lord Ganesha in the form of self- realisation in Indian culture is not reached to the devotees. God's exclusive  information have not been broadcasted in any existing content. There is no broadcast in the original nature of Lord Ganesha and of Shri Gajanan Devata in Shaabar Mantra technique.

Shree Ganapati is the god of Intelligence. One of the fierce gods of Hindu religion, one of the aggressive and judicial gods, is Lord Shree Ganapati. God's expected and important information does not seem to be appropriate in our society today. For the sake of the fierce and messy behavior in all places and for the purpose of worshiping Lord Shri Ganapati, there are some important information for all Dutt devotees. Through his yoga, it is possible to recognize the grace of His compassion. It is a wonderful work of spiritual practice.

Originally, Shri Ganesha should be considered as an exalted god. Navnath has given a similarity to Shabari's teachings as 'Sardar'. 'Sardar' means the commander of Shiva battalion. It is important to use the technique mantra and all the devotional, majestic and tamasik karmas as an indulgence from Lord Ganesha. Lord Shri Ganesh is a supporter of the four Vedas, which is in the shape of Lord Dattatreya Maharaj. Shri Ganapati is the main deity of the deceased in the self-sacrifice. The gatekeepers of Paataal lok, Duryodhul and Akash-based Tarkeshwar Shivalinga are Vinayak. Just as Lord Shankar took the very fifth Avatar Kalbhairav, just like that, the immense avatar of Shri Ganesha is Kalbhrushundi. This incarnation gives victory to the war.

Shwetark Ganapati Maha Yoga

The God who gave Haridra an intimate of Lord Hari Vishnu Narayana and gave all the pleasures to the devotees. The appearance of this incarnation is known as the Shwetark Ganapati in the form. Swayambhu Ganesh idol is manifested to a certain constellation under the white shrub tree. At that time, one of the surrounding of cobra and Rui Mata protects Ganesh. I got the ultimate fortune to worship this Ganesh idol. Some miracles have happened in this regard, the moment I brought that idol, I kept the murti in the cow's milk all night. In the morning Abhishek anointed and worshiped for a few days, five fingers of each finger started coming from a big and a small tooth and four hands. God began to appear directly in idols. This worship of Shwetarna Ganapati is the divine power that gives Raja's knowledge to the king.

The yoga practitioners of Shri Ganesha, who come to Anasya in the Yoga Sutras, all the Yogis. Shri Ganesh is the first God of muladhara Chakra and God of the last Sahastrara Chakra. To make God appeal to Lord Ganesha, please follow the following:

It is a devotional devotee who fulfills all the desires in a very short period of time. Ganapati Atharshshirsh should perform at least 3 to 21 periods per day. During the recurring distance, the internal perception is done through the trace.

  • 1. To focus solely on Shri Ganesha's image.
  • 2. Do not discriminate against the left nose that should be right.
  • 3. Before reading an Atharvashirsha, you should chant  mantra as Shri Swami Samarth' for Sadguru blessings.
  • 4. Tarak Mantra of 'Ganpatiya Namah' explained in Atharvshirsh should be done after the end.
  • 5. While chanting mantras with eyes closed, you will see your eyes chanting the reflection of the traces that were before it.
  • 6. Slowly in a few days, the image of God will be very clearly visible in front of the eye.
  • 7. Strange changes in our brains and thoughts and many ignorance diminishes.

A true event

Once a devotee of Sadhguru Shankarnath Satam Maharaj communicated. Yogiraj Raghunath Waingankar Maharaj was travelling through forest for some work, at some distance, suddenly a woman and a small child on her side came in front of the temple, and she came in front of Swamiji Maharaj. In the pocket of the shirt of the young Maharaja, the little boy took out his hands and grabbed the coins and kept it with himself.

At that time she said to Sage Swami Maharaj, "Ganesh ji, you will have all your money but do not need me a lease of money, I want to keep your head notes." When she touched the emperor, she swung an electric shock and ran fearfully towards the house. But the time could not be stayed because he came in touch with Kundalini Shakti in the name of the samadhi.

Shri Ganesh appealed to the memory of Maharaj. At the time when these devotees were present, they were in front of Sadguru Shankarnath Satam Maharaj. Shri Ganesh himself transmitted his head to the emissary and sat on the head of Satam Maharaj and took pride in the joy of roaming in the sky.

This is a true event. Even today, Ganapati idol of Lord Ganesh idol can be appeared in Satam Maharaj Samadhiasthan.

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