Spiritual Scythians and Spiritual Disciplines

The gentleman is like the fruit of coconut and looks like a soup out of the air. A very big class of society is a bracket imitator. People love to look better than to be good. Good looks are straightforward, but people have to endure hard work to get better. Summary Today's time is not just worshiping a spiritual virtue.

Coconut inspires you. With no shortage of external beauty, the coconut has blossomed its inner beauty and has earned the name 'Shreefal'. It is not a human thing to get a transitory externality, but if human beings are concerned then their inner beauty can be propagated. External beauty is an extraordinary addition to the antics. The man should have an eye for intimate beauty.

Only when the bore fruit is put in the mouth comes the first sweet and soft experience. The inside of the seed has stiffness around it. Individual look soft and sweet outside, but their hearts are unkind. It is very difficult to identify them as they are not keeping an eye out for the outward appearance. We are more likely to mislead people by identifying people who speak plain and hard spellings from outside. Shreefal from outside, hard and intense, is a symbol of greatness. The great men are strict in self-control, while the punishment of others is fluffy.

The great men are stern in respect to their duty. The soft flow of emotions can not distract them from the footsteps of their duties. Ram, who regards duty as superior to emotion, is at the forefront of an ideal man in Indian culture. Coconut gives you a glimpse of a great manna. Vaibhav means Shri; In this case, coconut is called as shreefal.

Shreefal, which gives sweet water to the people by saving the saline of the sea, gives precious messages to the people. The person who lives in the physical life is the only purple fruit on the purple tree which can be crushed and crushed on the ground in a few moments and then can not be accepted. In the same way, the materialistic donkey does not keep anything behind the deeds done by him, and in the end it is forgotten by the community. If the person is not worshiped, then only the character is meritorious. 

According to yogis, expression of Shreefal ...!

It is all the normal looking coconut, the extrinsic and hard-hearted nature. Similarly, the coconut has a scallop, as well as one or two panicles in the human brain in the Sahastrara. Three eyes are seen on the coconut. In the same way man also has three eyes. Two of them are tannins and a microscope with a place called Kakalpam. Anonymous coconut is also in the collection, but it is very rare.

The external beauty of coconut is minor. In the spiritual life, the beauty of inner beauty is said to be spread. Similarly, if the coconut is found then the coconut oil is covered with ore and the coconut is adorned on all sides. In the same way, human beings are absorbed in the inner state of the mind through the senses, and the body is covered inside the body. That is why he is living a fleeting life. It does not even make sense for the moment that the time has passed.

When the coconut is dried, the coconut gives the inside of the coconut all the sticky side and the coconut husk becomes separate. Similarly, the Yogi Purush's body does not touch evenly in the physical life. Lives only as a evidence of body. They are living a free and open transitional spiritual life, even in the bodyside. If the society recognizes the Yogi men, they will become as beautiful as a crown of flowers, or if such yogis are not recognized in the society, then the Yogis remain in the forest and they keep drying body forever. And the inherent structures of the individual are gathered.

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