What precautions should be taken before buying a new Vaastu?

An architectural beauty looks very beautiful from outside. Architectural interior and exterior designs tempt the person. But is it all gold when it is shining ? This question should be asked by yourself ...!

Before purchasing any architect, you should study the history of the premises and the history of Vastu pre-colony. If you are willing to spend a lot of hard work, money and time. You should be able to observe the new Vaastu by Self. Which can prevent you from facing any major casualties in the future. There is no point in grief when time passes. In order to suppress all Vaastu related negative energy, we have to start preparations in the initial form.

Unconscious people are stuck unnecessarily with their children during the era of obstructed architecture. Due to the inability of the trap, the scum of the dead in Vaastu ...! These negative spirits produces mental, physical, social, financial and spiritual disorders to members of the Vastu. As a result, most of the people also die too. So, to get the opportunity to buy Vastu at cheaper price and hit the other fool. This is the same as the cycle of consolidation.

Before buying a new Vaastu or used Vastu, we should see that there are flaws following the directions of Vaastu, but along with Vastu's history, Vastu Environment and Vaastu soil smell should be recognized. According to general rules, nursing homes, flyovers, bridges, cremation grounds, cemeteries, jawl trees, tangy trees and bark trees should be at your architectural distance.

Is the house hunted ? How to recognize cursed vaastu !

The homes that always have dirt, garbage and insects network are very much loved by the negative spirits. They sit on top of the seat. In the same way where there is no peace between the dead, there is a nuisance in the opposite direction. Also, if you die in the house then you have the practice to do postulates. This method is really very good. By this, Vastu becomes pure. Many people do not wash their hands when they come home from outside. Sometimes the land of the cemetery, Nursing homes, flyovers, bridges, graveyards, jawbool trees, tinier trees and banyan trees are coming in this period, along with the deceased also enter the house. Most of the time, spirits used to enter through body of a woman in the house and that we can not even recognize it all.

What should I do for the vaastu ?

Suggestions for primary ways to purify the Vaastu If Vastu is not too bad, it will definitely be used. The solution is to be bored for six months instead of continuous. It will not be used for two to four days. Regular hymns and Gurucharitra's parayana should be kept open so that there is no new problem.

The main forms of the following are as follows ...!

  • 1. Try to keep your architecture clean and clean.
  • 2. To create sanctity, Read Ramraksha 11 times loudly daily.
  • 3. Sprinkle the sweet potato, aroma, pineapple and kangicostot in the house regularly.
  • 4. Navnath book, Gurucharitra parayana, reading at least 100 o'-day aloud every day while reading.
  • 5. Light tup lamp, Dhoop in the house. To keep the atmosphere fragrant.
  • 6. Constantly worshiping spiritual ubuntu. There are no evil spirits left there if it is running regularly.

Sometimes the troubles start to grow due to solutions. Because those wicked forces do not want to leave the place. Therefore, if there is a problem, then the measures you have started are correct and you should keep it continuously for six months continuously. At the end of six months it will show results.

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