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NASA invented microscopic sound waves. These sounds clearly explain the anaahata nad means "omkar naad." Even though this story was new to NASA, it was explained thousands of years ago in our Hindu Vedic literature.

Today, a very simple method of giving an easy-to-listen response to the anatomic sounds of this Surya. It is so easy to practice that it does not take more than 3 minutes. From 6am to 9pm, you have to give maximum time of 3 minutes of chanting mantraa only during the free time of day. Whether it is on Rudraksha or any kind of counting in hand or not, it will still work. 

Important note -

Related Sadhana is an intense energy company. To begin with, 3 minutes of consonance should concentrate on the mind. Sadhana Mantra is the fifth incarnation of Lord Shiva. He do prescribes his meditation.

Instrument No. - 2 "Retention"

In the mind "how to retain the mantra ?

From six o'clock in the morning to nine o'clock in the night, every three hours, through the thousands of seekers of "Anaad Rudra Nadokta Bramhandiya Namvarvah" is flowing, we are passing through "soul" and "Parmatma" bonding in the form of energy in the Brahmand. I am also participating without any wishes in that stream. Create such a strong perception.

"I am doing Sadhana for reaching my self-realization of the Suryalokas, the great sages of great sages, with the strong faith and belief in the mental service itself, Datta Maharaj is doing it." Get started with a month's experience by naming it.

We are publishing this sadhana today to fill the gap between the mortal being and god Shiva.I am writing this micro spiritual tradition that your nerve of your soul will be linked to the divine with the feet of Sadhguru Dattatray Swami Maharaj.

Sadhnaa Naam Mantra and vidhi -

For every three hours every morning from 6.00am to 9pm, for three minutes, chanting the following with the following assumptions:

  • 1. Mantra ... ll ॐ Kalbhiravay Namah ll
  • 2. Mantra.... Il Shree Swami Samarth ll

Time slot based on Indian Radio time : 5.30 GMT offset

  • In the morning ... 6 o'clock
  • Morning ... 9am
  • Afternoon ... at 12 o'clock
  • Afternoon ... at 3 o'clock
  • The evening ... at 6 o'clock
  • The night ... at 9 o'clock

There is no conditional place for community prayer. There is no restriction for community prayer. There is no such restriction that 100% of the daily routine should be maintained.

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