Shri Goraksa Kimyagiri Pravaah Siddhagranth and Karysiddhi.

Like Navarayan, Gyan Narayan is also considered as a Nath Sampradayi. 84000 Nath Sampradayi followers used to get the benefit of Nath Sampradaya in order to keep the unbroken and prosperous Sadhguru tradition together with Yoga and Mohini and to achieve the popularity of the people by obtaining and receiving Mahatmya of Ashtasiddhi Sadguru Maharaj. In order to enhance spiritual life from Shri Gorksha Kymiyagiri Pravaah, the very deep knowledge of this science, and through it, the Sadguru Malu Kavi gave this book to the masses in the early stages of common ignorant and honest spiritual life.

Shri Goraksh Kiyamagiri Stream has described the characterization of Navnath Maharaj as 'Navnath Bhaktikar' in a very beautiful, joyous, rhythmic, poetic, and amicable form. It takes approximately 1 hour to read the daily routine of this book. It is necessary to comprehend this priceless scripture's self-opinion, comprehend every poet's poetry and understanding. In describing Nath yog, the poetry of Varna bijes, Mantras, Chitrudhas, and the deep thoughts of Natha are deeply ingrained in poetry. 

As a mental preparation for self-consideration of Shri Goraksa Kimyagiri Stream Siddhagratha, in the initial form of Datta, it is necessary to study the mind level for non-observance. It is important to realize that our devotion is not without the feet of Sadguru Maharaj. Any other medium can not please the gods beyond the destiny of the eternal universe. Only Sumerus and Sadguru Maharaj can connect their soul to Parmatma directly. No other official has existed yet. The inconsequential knot of divergence should lie in our heart. So, with the principle of Datta element, nath tatvaa and Bhairav ​​elements, we can easily see it in the eyes of our spirit.

It is not possible to give a comprehensive explanation of all the mantras of Shri Gorkhak Kymiyagiri Pravah Siddhagraththa. The study of related Tantra Mantra, Bhairav ​​Mantra, Laxmi Tantra, Kasthodaran and Chitralaya editions are easily produced in the form of reflection of the poetry of Viveka, by the self-written composite reading of this book. Whereby, through meditation and naming ceremony in Yoga, our extraordinary spiritual progress is achieved through enlightenment. In all these sadhus, Sadguru Maharaj cooperates with you in following his honest and transparent ethics.

To study the structure of Nath yoga like 'Hatha Yoga Sadhna', 'Gorkha Yoga' and 'Yogbind', there should always be a 'Grihaksha Kymayagiri' or 'Vyaragiri'. The best Sadguru Maharaj in Natha, the devotees of the Sage Gaurak Datta Phayas, Ardh and Sadhguru are the only ways of achieving all Vidya, Trikuta Shakti and Sahasiddhi only. Any other spiritual path can not be ascetic or progressive to the seeker. Nath Maharaj stressed on the principle of completing the work of Shabri Vidyavati through the Sadhya Shastra, by completing the work of Sadh Mantra. He composed the rules to be called Guru Shumarulam Mantra before every Shabari mantra. So that all Yog Kriya should be strengthened through the medium of Guru Aadhishan. This will help in controlling the elements through the control of the masses.

Today, on the occasion of Nath Yogi Maharaj, one of Nath Shakti, he said, 'Every Shwāna Vandya Sashthi was on the day of Nathpanthi Mahant and Nangesha Gaushay's rally. Our introduction to this meeting was a talk of Gurushee Shiksha Vidyalaya. Yogis, who had dominated the use of ecosystems, chemistry and medicines, would have been seen. My meeting with the seekers of a Siddyogi Mahaprabhu, one of the most enjoyable and equally mysterious of them. In this, he expressed how his Guru Maharaj's achievements have been made ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of diseases and mental illnesses of people.

In this Sadhana, Guru Mahārāj went to the forest and used to make an average depth of 6 feet in the ground. Without eating the food in the ground pot holes, the tree was used for 21 days in a row. As a result, all the trees which surrounded around him on the full moon day, came to him and revealed all the information about Guru Mahatmas.

In this manner, Guru Maharaj used to accept the description of which tree as a medicine for the treatment of diseases of various diseases, which he described directly from those trees. Knowledge of all these drug ingredients has been selflessly beneficial for the people as well as for themselves.

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