Rare information on pitru dosham secrets ...!

Those who remember the ancestors or plan to perform such acts of Shraddha, they are looted or spoiled by the religious intruders. We are discussing all the sides with the idea of ​​how to get rid of the problem which can be drawn from the two sides.

God indebtedness, ancestors indebtedness and sadguru indebtedness (Devtananch Pitrunanch rushinanch  tathaa narha): Pujaaraka, Vrate, fasting e. In the ways man becomes free from God indebtedness. Sadguru Seva, Namasmaran, through these ways becomes liberated from the sadguru indebtedness and from the ancestors indebtedness according to Shraaddh. Ancestors are non other than our family members. After completing the rituals of the body after the death, the divinity of soul and jivaa is divided.

As soon as life becomes death, it is the first time that soul leaves the body, and then eleven Rudra leaves body after one by one. In this process, the jivaa stays in the body. 

Since the soul is immortal, indestructible, he tries to satisfy his desires by abiding in our endless endeavors. It has also been observed that these souls patrons are impatient . In this way mental, physical, financial, social and spiritual expansion of the members of the household is done. In some cases, death is carried out.

There are all kinds of spirits present in these ancestors. This number is in thousands. Some of them are so quiet that there are a lot of unsettling which can cause problems in your physical life. Shraadh and Pitru tarpan are all done to calm all these unhappy communities.

The definition of Shraddh is as follows: 'Shraddhaaya yat kriyte ; taat kriyate yat shraddam' means that 'Shraddha should be done with conviction'. The time of the ancestors is from mid-time. They should serve sesame seeds, clothes, fruits, roots and tandul. That way they are satisfied.

On the contrary, if one does not pray, then the body has to suffer in pain. The family does not have any health. Similarly, men of valor, skillful and well-being are not created. He is not healthy and long-term. Some people donate donations to organization for named Shraddh  but this is wont work. The fruit of the Shraddh and the pastures of the ancestors will not be achieved by that. In addition to the Shraddha, the fetus is also saved. For this purpose, we should look at the book Garuda Purana and Vaman Dvashashti.

Shraddh vidhim gives speed to the dead. After giving the body to the ancestors, and after performing the pind dan , the middle part of it becomes 'Prasad' and after prana, the wife gets involved in getting the success of the birth. Those who are unable to do Shraddharma due to their condition, they move to the south direction and pray homage to devotees only with devotion, it reachs them and they are satisfied.

An easy remedy to request ancestors will be accepted as the Shraddh ritual should be continued while doing this.

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