Famous Navnathi Sadhana - 1 (Nathpanthi Yog Meditation - 1)

Apart from pranayama and triveni bonds in meditation, Nathpantha has also given importance to yog meditation. Nathpantha was originally created at the last two stages of yog meditation and Samadhi from all levels of ashtang yog. Paying attention to the greatness of Nathpantha, "Alakh Niranjan", the oeder of this sect is to obtain infinite Siddhavastha with a relatable life of a never-ending "Jivan Mukti Shiva".

It is easily possible for the seekers to keep their mind fixed by pranayama and nasamaran in order to attain self-realization. Natha yogi emphasized on this simple thinking. Please do pranayama only for 20 minutes every day for a few months. Minimum practice of six months is expected for the mind to remain steady and enlivenment. The mind will be restless and uncomfortable during this period. Eat sattvik (  pure veg ) food. All care worries should be given up. Imagine that life is getting busy at the lotus feet of Sadguru Maharaj. Yama, rules should be considered as involved in the work on Rajayog's primary steps.

If the mind is stabilizing in such a situation, practice meditation step by step aiming enlightenment of beyond material life. The dawn is very good for this meditation.

Important note -

Although explaining the first action of the three meditation methods, it is necessary that the reader and the seekers should adopt the act only for self-defense. If you have any questions, please contact directly.

Meditation Rituals and Perceptions -

Wake up early in the morning and get cleaned as per daily reutine. Can take tea/coffee as a habit. After all, Sit on your bed sit back with support. The eyes should be closed and the breathing should be long, slower and fixed. Stay tuned and feel breathing for initial some time. Then think of such a strong, that your body has been burned in Chita woods and we are seeing remained self skeleton with our eyes. In such a situation, it seems that your consciousness bound within the body is now liberated. It is believed that with all the deaths of the body, Maya Lust, ego, anger etc., the loss of the momentary momentum, and the consciousness that is not there, is the subconsciousness.

This body was linked to endless tragedy, humiliation, poverty, disease and interest. For my family, relatives I have suffered a lot for the happiness of children. The body is now not existed. Now I am subconscious that there is nothing in life. Whatever is there, only the subconsciousness ...! This type of meditation should be of the form. Do not change this thinking.

In this way, one-sided meditation should be done. Other thoughts come to mind and they are within the body. I do not have any body, then what are you thinking? If such intelligence is formed and other thoughts are closed and the feeling of yog in the state of meditation, the feeling of emotions has become distorted. The seeker is happy to know that there is nothing else in the place of subconsciousness and I am sure that he is Niranjan.

There is no reason to believe that this sadhana is inauspicious or horrific, it is basically an ominous thing to have a relationship with Chaitanyaa in the body. It is understandable that whatever we experience in our subconsciousness is not a terrible thing, it is a state of happiness and soul demand. 8 to 15 days in such a manner that whatever the divine experiences and meditation which is considered to be peace, without describing it, go to that state and experience its own experience.

Start meditation for an average of 20 minutes at the beginning. From meditative place.

During the exit (before opening the eyes) focus on the speed of breathing. Both the energy produced by rushed heating in the palm ; should touch the palm and open the eyes slowly.

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