All in one Vastushstra Remedies you must have !

 North-east Direction:

North east direction belongs to higher positive energy. North-east position is lies between east and north direction with respect to vastushastra north-east direction is extremely important for gaining new knowledge, spiritual power, spiritual support from angels or god.

  •  1) In a north-east direction of our house we should keep fresh and holy water in mud vessel.
  •  2) North-east side of house or office must be painted white or faint yellow color.
  •  3) North-east side must have downward slope.
  •  4) Do not keep entry or exit from north-east side also do not keep shoes at that side.
  •  5) Do not built toilet, bathroom any disposable container, step ladder, kitchen or parking side on north-east side.
  •  6) Do not buy any home or office with defective north-east side because it creates financial loss and health related issues.
  •  7) The door is located on north-east side used swastik on it.
  •  8) Avoid sleeping on north-east side.

East Direction:

  •  1) East side of home commercial must have slope in downward direction.
  •  2) Try to keep empty east side of home its creates prosperity.
  •  3) Door must be always on east side.
  •  4) Do not built toilet, bathroom on east side it creates health issues.
  •  5) East side must be painted with white color.
  •  6) Compound on east side must be low heighten as compared to rest three side.

South-east Direction:

  •  1) Kitchen direction is must be located in south-east direction.
  •  2) Electricity equipment must be placed on south-east direction.
  •  3) Do not keep water source south-east direction, it creates thread to house members.
  •  4) Create parking on south-east direction.Keep this direction clean.
  •  5) Always keep one small red lamp on south-east direction.
  •  6) There should not be a door from south-east direction it creates dissparted family members.
  •  7) Used faint pink color on south-east direction.

South Direction:

  •  1) It's unfortunate to have door on south creates health issues.
  •  2) South side must be uplifted and wall must be thicker and heighten than rest side walls.
  •  3) Do not built toilet on south side also avoid water source because it creates sudden death in family.
  •  4) South side must be painted with blue colour.
  •  5) Kitchen on south side creates financial crises.
  •  6) Do not keep step ladder on south side avoid having basement on south side.

South-west Direction:

  •  1) Bedroom must be built on south west side.
  •  2) Do not built toilet, bathroom on this side.
  •  3) Do not buy defected south-west side architecture home. 
  •  4) Built parking on this side.
  •  5) Built heighten water container is good for home.
  •  6) Do not built a door on this side.

West Direction:

  •  1) Built toilet, bathroom on west side.
  •  2) Keep this side up-lifted for financial profit.
  •  3) Built safety tank on this side.
  •  4) Leave lesser space on this side.
  •  5) All paint color are applicable.

North-West Direction:

  •  1) Built small kids bedroom on this side.
  •  2) Built water container on top on this side.
  •  3) Building a step ladder on this side is good.
  •  4) Building commercial premises on this side is good.
  •  5) Toilet, bathroom can be built on this side.

North direction:

  •  1) Built a door on north side it creates financial problem.
  •  2) There must be slope on this side.
  •  3) This side must be clean always.
  •  4) Leave maximum entry space on this side.
  •  5) Do not built toilet on this side.
  •  6) This side is good for building a study room.

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