How to place order on Dattaprabodhinee E-Store ? Must Know...

User can place order via Website/Mobile app/Tab (Open below URL in browser)

Step by step process to place order for single or multiple product:


Step 1: Home page

Step 2: Go to Account, as shown in below screen shot

Step 3: login with valid registered user id and password OR Login with Google (Gmail Account)

Step 4: after user successfully logged into DP site below page will be appeared.

Note- Logout option should available it means you have successfully logged into site

Step 5: Now in this step user have many option to check product , as mention below are options on which when they will click they able to see corresponding products

Click on “Search,

Click on “Select category” (This shows product range based on Product Category) and

Click on “new product.” (This shows all product which are recently added for sell)

Example: as shown below screen shot user wants to buy product (Agnihotra), so user need

to first add require product in Cart (before adding product in Cart, Cart value showing ‘0’ but when

user add product in cart then accordingly Cart number will increases, it means when user add 1 product in cart then Cart value i.e. number in cart increases by 1)

When product added successfully in Cart then one message will be appeared on screen (check below screen shot)

Step 6: click on Cart

Here user can check his selected product and corresponding charges (check below screen shot)

Step 7: Checkout page

Left side on checkout page user will be able to see Buyer address update section where user need to provide correct shipping address when he want product delivery

Note- * marked fields are mandatory and user has to fill correct information.

Right side of Checkout page user again able to see Order summary section 

After user enter appropriate and correct information in below show page

Click on Place order button

Step 8: user will redirect to payment gateway site (Instamojo) 

Note- as shown in below screen we are able to see paying to ‘Meenakshi_taru35’ , this is vendor name to whom your order will send for dispatch. (on this screen buyer information will not


As shown in below screen shot ‘Convenience Fee’ is payment gateway charges

Step 9: Payment methods as shown in below screen shot

Step 10: Let say, user select payment method as ‘Credit card, check below screen shot.

Entered the Credit card detail as shown below

Then click on Pay button

When payment successfully complete below screen will appear

Payment successful message on screen

When payment failed then below screen will appear

Note- Possible reasons because of Payment could fail..

We are using third party payment gateway (Instamojo) so at time of making payment user should have strong network coverage, if network is weak then payment will NOT process.

IMPORTANT: When user will be clicked on make payment option then third party gateway send payment initiation request to user on his/her registered email id. it doesn’t mean payment will deduct from user account. Please note that this request is just payment initiation request.

Step 11: buyer will get his product purchase information via SMS and Email from Dattaprabodhinee E-store for further tracking

SMS example as shown below

Email example as shown below:

Live ! १. घरात मृत व्यक्तीचे फोटो असावेत का ? २. पारायण काळात ब्रम्हचर्य पाळावे का ? ३. विष्णु सहस्त्रनाम पाठ एक महा भयंकर अनुभव ! ४. दैवी प्रसन्नतेसाठी कुलस्वामीनीची सेवा कशी करावी ? ५. पराशक्ती साधना म्हणजे काय ? कशी सिद्ध करावी ? ६. खंडोबा जागृत पुजन विधी काय आहे ?

लोकप्रिय परिसंवाद भाग ( काळी विद्या विशेष ) काळी विद्या संपुर्ण शंका निरसन - परिसंवाद भाग १

सर्वाधिक लोकप्रिय विडिओ हि पहिली ५ लक्षणे दाखवतात तुमच्या घरावर झालेली काळी विद्या

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